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You must register each game in the name of the person you want to get in for free. Free admission is not transferable. You will get email when your game has been registered. For more information, please read the FAQ on how to register a game. New-If your game is in the free play area, you must check in by 10am each day to get your hand stamp. After 10am check in is closed and the ticket booth is open and selling tickets. Morning game removal must be before 9am on Sat or Sun.

I'm bringing _________ Game(s). (SPACE IS LIMITED, REGISTER EARLY!)

Games(s): ___________________________________________________________


I'm bringing the above game(s) for these days, check which days apply:

____Friday ____Saturday ____Sunday

____ I give my permission to use my game for a Pinball Wizards Tournament.

I understand that the promoters and workers are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property and are not responsible or liable for personal injury of any kind.

I have read and will abide by the rules of the show. (See Show Info for new 2008 information).

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