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 Please print this form and send it to us 

   Name:_____________________________________ Address:______________________________________

   City:____________________ State:______________Zip:____________Phone:______________

   Email Address: ___________________________________________________

   I'm bringing _________ Game(s).   (SPACE IS LIMITED, REGISTER EARLY)


   I'm bringing the above game(s) for these days, check which days apply:

  ____Friday ____Saturday ____Sunday ____Restoration Area

T-Shirt Orders    (deadline to order is March 16, 2002)

   T-Shirt- $15/ea.(Indicate quantity next to size): _____M, _____L, _____XL, _____ XXL ($16) = $_____ 
   Golf Shirt w/ Collar - $26/ea:_____M,_____L,_____XL, _____XXL ($27) = $_______
   Sweatshirts - $28/ea:_____M,_____L,_____XL, _____XXL ($30) = $_______
   Delivery Preference:  ______ By mail, _____ I will pick up at show 

  (Golf and sweatshirts available as advance orders only! Add $4.00 mail delivery + $1.50 each additional shirt)
  Advanced Tailgate Space: Anyone interested in tailgate space please contact me for more information
  and a special registration form.

 Three day passes available at the door Friday only!

  Add all the money you are enclosing for this grand total on this line $__________

   I understand that the promoters and workers are not responsible for
   lost, damaged or stolen property and are not responsible or liable for
   personal injury of any kind. I have read and will abide by the rules of the show.
 (See Show Info Page)

                                        Signature ____________________________ Date ______________

Please make checks payable to:
 3991 Stecasso Ct
Whitehall, PA 18052