admission if you bring a game to play! 
   Bring two games, get two  admissions.
   Plus each pre-registered person bringing a game receives a  gift! 
   We'll supply special security for games left overnight.
   The machines you bring and set up for free can be for sale or trade! 
  Games may not be removed until
           Sat- 5PM or Sun- 3PM. This means you must tell your buyers the rules of the show.
           Another option is to buy a vendor space or fleamarket space and you can remove your game at any time. 

Show Hours
Setup 12pm-9pm
 Show hours 4pm 9pm

Setup 7am-10am
  Show hours 10am-7pm

  Setup 8am-10am 
Show hours

  Everyone setting up their games and booths are invited to join us 
  for our Wizards Convention kickoff party 4pm to 9pm on Friday.
            Friday night admission for spectators is $12.00

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